SWOT: The tool to grow.

The SWOT analysis is a study tool that tends to apply to different levels of an individual; company, institution, any project, and even in a personal level. The SWOT tool is built up by the analysis of the internal characteristics of a company, institution or individual; as well as the external characteristics that can affect them. By organizing each one of those elements in a square matrix.

In the human being’s life there are endless mistakes and failures, but there are also many strengths and ventures. Each one of them are discoveries that are the common denominator of each one of us. The personal SWOT is not just a tool to improve our personal trajectory, but it’s also a technique used to help us to know ourselves better, to identify us and give a spin to our personal life.

The SWOT analysis should be performed with honesty, in order to get authentic results so we can improve our weaknesses. Usually, it’s made by someone one can trust. In this sense, there are four variables that must be analyzed.

  • Strengths: Where do we highlight? Which are our skills and strengths? What type of environment fits us better?
  • Weaknesses: What are we failing on? What attitudes and behaviors pull us from achieving our objectives and goals?
  • Opportunities: What can we bring to the table? What do we have in our power to achieve our objectives?
  • Threats: Is there any external variable that sabotage us on achieving our goals? What is the risk we face?

Once we have the ability to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses in an individual, besides of knowing the opportunities and threats that often appear in their environment, a wide range of opportunities comes into place.

To work in your weaknesses and enhance your strengths will make you a capable person inside any project or work environment, besides it will help you to acknowledge in others their weaknesses or strengths and will give you the opportunity to complement each other as a team.

This tool can be said is a thermometer of one’s capacity, a measure that works in every aspect of our life in order to achieve any goal that we set our mind and heart to.

The Golden Trio.

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